City Fertility Brisbane

Simone will take the time to learn your unique fertility situation, and then provide
you with a tailored solution to boost your chances of becoming pregnant.

City Fertility has world-class facilities and provides excellent results.

City Fertility’s expert team and partnership with global leader CHA Medical Group ensures that your treatment is second to none.

City Fertility’s Brisbane clinic is a purpose-built, all-inclusive clinic that contains everything you need for high-quality fertility treatment, and is supported by their highly trained specialist team.

Choosing the fertility company that provides scientific, nursing and theatre support to your doctor is an important decision. As a primarily doctor-owned company, City Fertility is run to the highest clinical and scientific standards.

Leading Brisbane fertility clinic

City Fertility is a nationwide IVF company with over nine clinics, and more than 50
doctors working across the country.

How does Simone work with City Fertility?

Simone is a self-employed fertility specialist, but works permanently out of City Fertility in Briabane. This gives Simone access to the best facilities, equipment, and staff support she needs to help you have a baby.

As your specialist, Simone will create your fertility treatment plan, and guide you through it. Any procedures you complete (like IVF) will be carried out by City Fertility’s nurses and administrative staff, and reviewed by Simone along the way.

City Fertility is a global leader in fertility and IVF

City Fertility is part of healthcare giant CHA Medical group, which has been pioneering reproductive medicine for 35 years. They have achieved multiple scientific breakthroughs that have become standards for fertility clinics across the world. For example, they were the very first researchers to achieve assisted pregnancy through In Vitro Maturation (IVM) in 1988, and facilitated the world’s first successful birth using EM
grids in 1999.

As part of this pioneering group, City Fertility is able to provide world-class fertility treatment. They have access to the latest scientific knowledge (often before other clinics do), and the most advanced equipment available, which helps them to achieve excellent success rates for their fertility patients.

City Fertility Brisbane—where to find us

City Fertility Brisbane is located at Level 1, 42 Doggett Street in Newstead, postcode 4006.
It’s open Monday to Friday, from 8am to 4:30pm.

City Fertility Centre provides the latest sciencebased treatments

We complete a variety of fertility-based tests and treatments, some of which have been advanced by us.

This includes:

  • Evaluation of male or female fertility issues, including semen analysis, recurrent miscarriage, genetic testing, and more.
  • Complementary therapies like aromatherapy, massage, and yoga.
  • Testicular aspiration for azoospermia, or vasectomy patients.
  • Sperm, egg, and embryo donor programs.
  • Sperm & egg freezing
  • Surrogacy
  • Laparoscopic surgery
  • Blood hormone testing
  • Pelvic ultrasound
  • Complementary therapies like aromatherapy, massage, and yoga.

Everybody’s fertility journey is different, so the tests and treatments you undertake will be recommended by Simone after completing your initial consultation. She will provide you with a clear treatment plan.

The City Fertility network

City Fertility is an inclusive organisation that works with people from a
variety of lifestyles, including LGBTQ. These are the groups they work with:

Fertility FAQs

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about fertility specialist doctors

1. What is a fertility clinic?

A fertility clinic is a medical establishment that helps people with fertility issues. They hire fertility doctors/specialists like reproductive endocrinologists and embryologists, as well as sonographers and nurses to assist with infertility diagnoses and treatments. They may also hire additional specialists to help with the process, like acupuncturists, hypnotherapists, and nutritionists.

2. What are the success rates at City Fertility?

City Fertility has high success rates. However, everyone’s fertility situation is different, with personal health, embryo quality, and pregnancy history just three of many things that can affect your fertility success. For this reason, they prefer not to disclose their exact success rates. But because they have the best facilities, specialists, and nurses, we can assure you they’re high.

Their high success rates are attributed to the experience of their clinical and embryology teams, in addition to their state-of-the-art equipment. They keep up with the latest science in their field and continue to be leading innovators in fertility, which other clinics aspire to.

3. What standards does City Fertility abide by?

City Fertility Brisbane adheres to the Reproductive Technology Accreditation Committee (RTAC) Standards—a mandatory set of standards for Australian fertility clinics.

This ensures that the facility meets the high standards required for effective, safe fertility treatment for every patient.