Male factor infertility is a relatively common cause of fertility problems.

Fortunately there are very specific interventions that can positively influence the chance of pregnancy. It is therefore important that the fertility potential of both female and male partners are assessed sooner rather than later.

For a man, testing usually begins with tests of his semen to look at the number, shape, and movement of his sperm. Sometimes other kinds of tests, such as hormone tests, are done.

Andrology Australia

Andrology Australia offer a wealth of information on male fertility and male reproductive health.

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Maximising Sperm Health

Looking after your sperm health is important if you’re trying to achieve a pregnancy. Simone offers a range of advice to male partners that can assist in enhancing the health of their sperm.

After Vasectomy

If a patient has had a vasectomy, either a sperm retrieval from the testes, or vasectomy reversal is required to achieve a pregnancy. Simone does not perform vasectomy reversal, but treats these couples by performing a minor procedure to retrieve sperm directly from the testes – this is less invasive than vasectomy reversal. Please make an appointment to discuss this option for you and your partner.