About Dr Simone Campbell

Simone will take the time to learn your unique fertility situation, and then provide
you with a tailored solution to boost your chances of becoming pregnant.


Simone has been a specialist consultant in Obstetrics & Gynaecology since 2003, and full-time fertility specialist since 2007. Simone completed a Master of Reproductive Medicine in 2010, and has been based in Brisbane working with City Fertility since 2013. Prior to this, she worked in a number of locations across Queensland, the ACT and NT.

Simone focuses on providing high quality, tailored fertility solutions for each of her patients. As a long term fertility specialist in Brisbane, Simone has helped hundreds of Brisbane patients build wonderful families. In many cases, long term patients return to Simone over the years for help in growing their families further.

Simone prides herself on effective and clear communications with patients and their partners. This is a vital component in the clinician-patient relationship – she takes the time to explain the process in everyday language, ensuring an understanding of the fertility process for those involved.

How does Simone work with City Fertility?

Simone is a self-employed fertility specialist, and works permanently out of City Fertility’s offices in Newstead. This gives Simone access to the best facilities, equipment, and staff support she needs to help you have a baby.

As your specialist, Simone will create your fertility treatment plan, and guide you through it. Together with the highly skilled nursing, scientific and administration team, she will ensure a high level of care, and the very best of outcomes for you.