Antioxidants and sperm DNA fragmentation

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Everyone is talking about antioxidants as being the answer to so many health issues. Here is one in which there is little doubt they are helpful. Sperm is created in the testis, and stored for 3 months in the epididymis prior to ejaculation. It is during this storage time that healthy sperm can be exposed to ‘oxidative stress’ and become damaged.

The outcome is that damaged sperm is less likely to achieve a pregnancy, and more likely to end in a miscarriage.

Risk factors for damaged sperm include smoking, obesity, chronic disease and age over 38yo. There is nothing you can do about the last one, but keeping yourself fit and healthy, having adequate antioxidants in your diet – including orange vegetables, green vegetables, berries etc (antioxidants such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E , Folic acid, selenium and zinc are all usually found in a general mens multivitamin), and obviously not smoking. Frequent ejaculation of 2-3 times per week keeps the sperm as healthy as possible.

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