Dr Simone Campbell – 5 things you can do to improve fertility

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While there are many health factors that can impact your chances of conceiving, there are a number of lifestyle changes you can consider to help you and/or your partner increase your chances of becoming pregnant. Fertility treatment will certainly vary from person to person, but making a few healthy lifestyle changes can make all the difference.

1) Healthy eating

It goes without saying that eating healthily in general will improve your quality of life and prevent you from developing debilitating life-long health problems. Eating a balanced diet rich in essential minerals and vitamins may help your chances of conceiving. Zinc is a crucial mineral for women and men as it assists eggs in reaching full maturity and aids the production of healthy sperm. Some of the best sources of zinc can be found in lean meat, chicken, fish, egg yolks, legumes and sunflower and pumpkin seeds.   It’s advisable to keep alcohol to a minimum and limit your caffeine intake as it can reduce your body’s ability to absorb calcium and iron. Adding wholegrain and antioxidant foods is also a great place start.

2) Maintain a healthy weight

Keeping a healthy weight is often an overlooked factor in preparing for pregnancy. Women who have a BMI of 25-39 (overweight to obese) or under 19 (underweight) may encounter significant difficulty in conceiving compared to women who maintain a healthy BMI (19 to 24.9).

3) Kick the habit for good

If you haven’t already, quitting smoking is essential for both you and your partner. Not only can it lead to a host of health problems such as lung cancer, emphysema and heart disease, smoking can harm DNA and can reduce sperm count in men.

4) De-stressing and exercise

Exercise is an excellent activity that helps lower stress levels while increasing your chances of falling pregnant. Try creating a schedule of physical activities you enjoy. This might include walking, yoga or swimming. Exercises that help strengthen your core muscles will also help your body support a growing belly and breasts. As your centre of gravity shifts, physical changes in the body will place greater strain on the muscles in your back. If stress from other factors such as work or your personal life are beginning to cause anxiety, consider seeking help in managing stress from a councilor or using meditation to help diffuse symptoms of anxiety or unease.

5) You’re not in this alone

Placing too much pressure on yourself to become pregnant can also have an impact on achieving conception. Keeping an active social life with friends and family and appreciating the time you have with your partner will help you maintain a positive attitude. Engaging in activities you and your partner both enjoy will help raise your endorphins and strengthen your bond.

These are just a few lifestyle changes that can improve your chances of pregnancy. For more detailed information on fertility treatment, it is recommended that you book a consultation at our city fertility centre in Brisbane today!