Maintaining a Social Life During Fertility Treatments

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If you’re trying to conceive or undergoing fertility treatment, you may have been advised to eat a healthy diet, exercise and refrain from alcohol. Consider it training for the real thing! Although these limitations may seem to contrast with your usual lifestyle, you can still enjoy an active social life while trying to conceive.

The most important thing to cut out of your life during fertility treatments and permanently is smoking. This goes for men as well – passive smoke can be harmful, especially if you are already pregnant. Stay away from smokers by moving to another room if they light up at a party.

Alcohol is a grey area – while some studies suggest that small amounts of alcohol is okay, even while you are pregnant, there is no consensus on what a small amount constitutes. What we do know is that abstinence is the safest option. Going teetotal doesn’t mean that you can’t still have fun. Try making some fancy mocktails so that you don’t feel like you’re missing out. Don’t beat yourself up if you give in to temptation – the occasional glass of wine is fine.

Try to cut down on your caffeine intake as well. Aim for a limit of two cups of tea or coffee a day and stay away from energy drinks and soft drinks. Don’t forget about foods like chocolate, caffeine fortified foods like beef jerky, and even decaffeinated coffee when monitoring your intake.

A healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) is important for increased fertility. Maintain your BMI by eating a healthy diet and lots of regular, gentle exercise, like going for a long walk. No more hangovers or coffee come downs should make this easier for you, both physically and mentally.

Finally, don’t forget to take your supplements. If you plan on going out at night a lot, make sure you schedule your supplement intake in the morning.

Party survival guide:

  • Take control of your social calendar. If you don’t want to go out at night, start inviting your friends out for coffee or lunch during the day. If you can’t go to a bar, suggest a nice restaurant instead.
  • It’s okay to say no! If an event is likely to compromise your health or fertility treatments, decline politely.
  • If you can’t or don’t want to say no, plan on having a short visit. Set yourself a time limit and excuse yourself once it is up.
  • BYO if you suspect that an event is going to be light on non-alcoholic beverages. A mocktail made up of different juices can be easily stored in a water bottle, and is healthier than Coke, lemonade and other mixes that usually form the ‘designated drivers’ drink menu.
  • You’re not in this alone so enlist the help of your partner. Ask them to cut out alcohol and unhealthy foods with you, or work out a secret signal you can give them when you’re ready to leave.
  • If it all gets too much, get away from it all. Date nights, weekends away and other time alone with your partner can be a great way to enjoy yourself without the pressure of other people.

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